Message from the Executive Chairman

Maritime sector today is in significant turmoil and an increasing uncertainty over the future prevails all across the globe. Barring a few exceptions most maritime sectors are facing excess capacity and low demand                                                                                                                


Notwithstanding this, IRClass has managed to perform reasonably well. In the year 2015 there was an addition of approx. 1 million GT to the tonnage under our class and during 2016 we are likely to add even more.

This August, IRClass secured the important status of Recognized Organization (RO) from the European Union. This recognition would allow IRClass to pursue opportunities in respect of EU flagged vessels and other marine related services in the European continent.

IRClass continues to strive to get recognition from various flag administrations. During this year three flag administrations (Oman, Nigeria and Lebanon) have granted us recognition.

As IRClass’ recognition grows internationally, we continue to expand our network of international offices to serve our customers better.

IRClass continues to actively interact with all its stakeholders through participative workshops and seminars, which provide useful feedback on the technical issues and expectations of stakeholders, which facilitate our efforts to offer services beyond class.

Driven by our own R&D advances and the global advancement of science and engineering and more importantly, as we strive to better serve our customers, our services have evolved tremendously, resulting in a diverse portfolio of services across related sectors.

The success of any organization lies in the integrity, reliability, efficiency and honesty of purpose of those who work. People are at the core of our organization and we continue to develop, train and mentor them with a view to enrich the knowledge and for capabilities of our employees.

Forging ahead confidently into the future, let us embrace new opportunities for growth and diversity, always with our eyes fixed upon the primary rationale for our existence, and the tradition of Class through history: the preservation of life and property at sea and on shore and prevention of pollution of environment.

Arun Sharma

Executive Chairman, IRClass