IRClassTM software

About the Software:

IRClassTM software is a software package which assists surveyors in verification of the compliance of the ship thickness measurements according to rules and regulations set forth by Indian Register of Shipping and IACS CSR for Oil Tanker and Bulk Carrier.

It is developed by Indian Register of Shipping. The purpose behind the development of this package is to provide surveyors with a handy tool to simplify the process of thickness measurement during survey of the ship.

Minimum System Requirements:
Following are the minimum system requirements for smooth operation of the software


  Minimum Requirement


  2.5 Ghz


  2 GB

  Operating System

  Windows 7

  HDD Space


  Adobe Acrobat Reader

  V 9.0 


Following are the changes for Version 5.4.0 :

1. Minor Bug Fixes