Guidelines on Remotely Operated Vessels and Autonomous Surface Vessels, December 2021 

 Guidelines on Vessels with Fuel Cell Power Installations, September 2021

Guidelines on Identification of Vibration Issues and Recommended Remedial Measures on Ships, July 2021 

Guidelines on Hull Structure of Thermoplastic Vessels (Provisional), July 2021

Guidelines on Remote Surveys/ Audits/ Inspections, Revision 1, December 2021 

Guidelines on Fatigue Design Assessment of Ship Structures – 2021

Guidelines on Structural Assessment of Ships carrying Asphalt in Independent Cargo - Tanks - 2020 

Guidelines on Application of Direct Sea‐keeping Loads in Structural Analysis of Ships - 2020 

Guidelines on Structural Assessment of Ships based on Finite Element Method- 2020 

Guidelines on Hull Design & Construction including Containment System for Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers – Membrane Type Tanks - 2020 

 Guidelines on High Voltage Shore Connection Systems for Ships -2020  

 Guidelines on Spectral Fatigue Analysis of Ship Structures - 2020 

Guidelines on Battery Powered Vessels - 2019

 Guidelines on Alternative and Risk Based Design Evaluation - 2019 

 Guidelines on Certification of Software for Computer Based Control Systems - 2019 

 Guidelines on Methanol Fueled Vessels - Revision 03 - December 2021 

 Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Safety 2018

Cyber Safety Guidelines for land based installations can be provided upon request. Kindly send an email to to get a copy of the same.

 Guidelines on Ballast Water Management 2018  

 Guidelines on Operational Assessment of Polar Ships 2017