Classification Notes

Classification notes are set of guidelines for shipowners and manufacturers referred in IRClass Rules for Type testing and certification

A. Classification Notes :

1. Application of IRS Rules to Indian River Sea Vessels, August 2013 

2. Guidelines for approval/acceptance of alternative means of access to spaces in oil tankers, bulk carriers, ore carriers and combination carriers, August 2006

3. Approval scheme for the manufacturing process of normal and higher strength hull structural steels, Revision 01, January 2009

4. Guidelines for non-destructive examination of steel castings for marine application, January 2005 

5. Guidelines for non-destructive examination of hull and machinery steel forgings, January 2005

6. Type approval, installation and testing of water level detectors on bulk carriers and single hold cargo ships other than bulk carriers, January 2013

7. Approval of I.C. Engines, April 2019 

8. Calculations for Internal Combustion Engine Crankshafts – July 2018

9. Type testing procedure for crankcase explosion relief valves, February 2008

10. Marine Gears - Calculation of load capacity of involute parallel axis spur and helical gears, January 2017. 

11 Type testing procedure for crankcase oil mist detection and alarm equipment, July 2016. 

12. Type approval of mechanical joints used in piping, Revision 03, January 2017. 

13. Type approval of electrical equipment used for control, monitoring, alarm and protection, systems for use in ships, January 2016.

14. Cable trays / protective casing made of plastics materials, July 2003

15. Manufacturing approval scheme of high strength steels for welded structures, July 2017 

16. Natural Gas Fueled Vessels for Coastal and Inland Waters - Revision 01 - January 2019 

17. Stability Requirements for Inland Waterways Passenger Ships, November 2017 

18. Extended Dry-Docking Scheme - September 2018 

19. Fuel Oil Treatment System - September 2018 

B. Type Approval Certification Schemes:

1. Certification Scheme for Type Approval of Products, December 2012