IRClassTM software is a software package which assists surveyors in verification of the compliance of the ship thickness measurements according to rules and regulations set forth by Indian Register of Shipping and IACS CSR for Oil Tanker and Bulk Carrier. It is developed indigenously by Indian Register of Shipping. The basic motive behind the development of this package is to provide surveyors with a handy tool to simplify the process of thickness measurement during survey of the ship.

Common Structural Rules are applicable for self-propelled bulk carriers and double hull oil tankers with unrestricted navigation. Ships contracted for construction on or after 1st July, 2015 must comply with Common Structural Rules. The CSR Rules aim at analyzing the structural response of the ship to Yield, Fatigue and Buckling Loads and prescribe minimum compliance parameters.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted the EEDI regulation on 1 January 2013 which applies to the majority of new ships above 400 GT and delivered on or after 1 July 2015. This application provides with very handy utility to calculate precisely the Attained and Required EEDI index values for ships of any hull, machinery and innovative design configuration. The utility of this application is not limited to calculating EEDI value but works quite good as an optimization tool for the ship designers.

IRHULL Rule Scantling Calculation Software assists users to verify the compliance of ship designs against the rules and regulations set forth by Indian Register of Shipping. IRHULL supports the design of multiple ship types and also multiple frames of a single ship. The modeler assists the user with the modeling of transverse sections and makes handling of large and complex data easier. The data input here is stored in a single file (with extension of .IRClass) which enables retrieval of the data for future use.