Specification Services

IRClass provides independent technical and cost-effective advice to owners through specification services, which include:

Pre- Contract Service

IRClass offers pre-contract service to ship owners in ensuring that all technical matters are suitably addressed from the start. This service helps mitigate against technical risks including:

  1. Ensuring requirements of all stakeholders are considered and included in the technical bid document. This will ensure that unstated requirements do not have major impact on project objectives e.g. schedule/cost/quality, and
  2. Review of final technical ship building specification.

The above service includes:

  1. Preparation of technical specification as part of tender document

IRClass will interact with the concerned stakeholders to understand the envisaged operations. This will be the foundation on which the technical specification will be based on. Then the regulatory requirements for the said operations will be built into the same. Aspects relating to human elements will also be considered while preparing the specification. 

  1. Scrutiny of technical bids and preparation of deviation report to compare the various bids

IRClass will scrutinize the technical bids of the short-listed bidders and prepare a ‘Deviation Report’ giving the comparison between the bids. This will enable the owner to bring all bids on par and will assist in finalising the bidder based on non-technical aspects, such as commercials.

  1. Review of final technical ship building specification

Upon finalisation of the bidder and before signing of the contract, IRClass will assist the ship owners in reviewing the final build specification, to ensure that all major aspects are incorporated and that scope for misinterpretations, if any, are minimised.

Post -Contract Services

IRClass provides post-contract specification services to owners to ensure that the ships are being built / modified / converted in accordance to the technical provisions of the contract. This service is offered in two stages:

  1. Plan review; and
  2. Supervision during construction ensuring compliance with the built specification.

Owners may utilize the above services together or individually.

Plan Review

IRClass will review the plans and documents required as per the specification to ensure compliance. Aspects related to operations including maintenance, layouts and crew comfort are addressed during the review.

Such independent checks in the initial stages will help in avoiding modifications/rework reducing the associated financial and time implication.

Supervision during construction

The overall scope of supervision work will include the following:

  1. Overall technical supervision of construction
  2. Inspections of works, materials, systems and machinery/equipment and their installation onboard, as well as attendance of tests and trials.
  3. Monitoring of:
  • Status of class and statutory plan approvals
  • Quality and progress of works
  • Suitable implementation of the manufacturer’s recommendation and agreed standards in the working plans and the construction works.
  • Quality control of all construction and installation works, materials and equipment used in the construction, the regulatory compliance and the conditions of application
  • Regulatory compliance certification of works, materials, equipment and their installation. 
  1.  Providing assistance to the owner’s in technical clarifications
  2. Overall project monitoring and reporting to the owners.

For enquiries, please contact  sbpm@irclass.org